Cold Flash Forms Missing – Grrggghh!

I have a client who notified me that they could no longer login to their site. I thought that odd since I had not made changes to the code in months, and had not received any announcements of problems from the hosting company (

So, I went to check it out and whadya’ know – the login form isn’t even there – nor are any of the forms!

Now, the site is a ColdFusion site and uses Flash Forms (keep your nasty comments to yourself!) and is hosted on a shared server. It’s really not large enough to warrant isolated hosting on its’ own server.

Long story short, when the CF Server reaches a certain threshold of resource utilization, it just stops compiling the flash forms so they don’t show up. Therefore, as the number of sites on the server increases, or perhaps someone elses’ site has some memory hogging code, then the forms dissappear! Can you believe that crap?

ColdFusion cuts off flash form compilation way before resource utilization reaches a problematic threshold. The only solution is to restart the instance. I think this is crap! HostMySite mentioned that it’s not worth it for them to reduce their resource utilization for just that purpose since flash forms are lightly used. I can understand that – but I still think it’s crap. Now I have to either re-code the forms, or tell the client (who’s frustrated by now) to upgrade to more expensive hosting – just so their forms will work again. Yeah right!

So – lesson learned and warning to all people using shared hosting with places like – don’t use flash forms unless you’re on your own dedicated server. I know that sounds rediculous – that forms would require your own server – but if you want them to work that’s your option!


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